EDFN Podcast: Tackling the ‘existential crisis’ facing podiatry

In the latest EDFN podcast, two experts discuss the efforts being made to sustain and grow the number of podiatrists as the profession faces an “existential crisis”.  

Joanne Casey, Professional Development Lead for the Royal College of Podiatry, and Martin Fox, Vascular Specialist Podiatrist for the Manchester Local Care Organisation, team up for the latest episode of the Talking Feet series.

The pair outline the NHS England Workforce and Education Reform Programme that has been developed to support, sustain and grow podiatry and bring people into the profession, as the field faces the challenge of a large number of podiatrists soon to retire.

Joanne and Martin discuss the “collective responsibility” those working in the field should take to make podiatry more desirable, “cool”, and a great career option.

The pair talk about the eight areas of work developed as part of the reform programme, along with the impact of the Royal College of Podiatry’s Podiatry Career Framework.

They also discuss the emergence of initiatives such as foot ulcer ‘one stop shops’ and how this type of holistic care approach could be developed further to improve outcomes and ensure the workforce is used in the most efficient way.

Listen to the episode with Joanne and Martin here.

Access the full Talking Feet series here.

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