Diabetic foot assessments made simple: Podium Professional to feature new DFA wizard

The team behind a popular foot thermal imaging device is developing a new feature which will allow full diabetic foot assessments (DFA) to be carried out quicker and easier than ever before.

New software being developed for the Podium Professional will incorporate a full DFA wizard to guide users through every step of the assessment and help podiatrists decide on the correct Risk Stratification Score for their patient.

Podium is a foot thermal imaging device, providing a high-resolution temperature map of patients’ feet.

Its thermal scan reports act as additional evidence to support diagnoses and referrals. They can be used for the detection of inflammation that precedes diabetic foot ulcer development, as well as musculoskeletal trauma (MSK), vascular deficiencies, neuropathy, acute Charcot foot.

Podium’s new DFA feature also includes a rapid referral option allowing users to easily share results with GPs or NHS departments faster than ever.

Completed assessment forms, covering letters and Podium thermal scan images can all be created on the new 10-inch tablet that is provided as part of the DFA upgrade, which is set to be available early in the new year.

Podium Professional, which has been approved by the Royal College of Podiatry, can be bought outright, lease-purchased or even paid for via the pay-per-scan offer.

Read more about Podium Professional.

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