Conference speaker to explore how Podiatry Career Framework could mobilise the profession

One of the speaker sessions at the upcoming EDFN National Conference will put careers in podiatry under the spotlight and look at how personal aspirations and achievement could supercharge the profession.

Dr Emma Cowley, Senior Teaching Fellow in Podiatry at the University of Southampton, will deliver a session entitled ‘The Podiatry Career Framework: a new vision for a professional future’.

She said: “The first edition of the Royal College of Podiatry’s Podiatry Career Framework was launched in the autumn of 2021 and presented the framework of attributes in summative form for podiatrists to attain.

“The COVID-19 pandemic, however, afforded the opportunity for the podiatry profession to demonstrate its agility, depth and many facets of practice in a way never seen before, and the need to reflect, revise and re-envision the Podiatry Career Framework arrived sooner than anticipated.”

Dr Cowley’s session will reveal the new vision of the Framework and reflect on possible next steps to understand it as a working tool aiming to mobilise the podiatry profession to the best effect.

Register here for the free, online EDFN National Conference, which is taking place on Friday, April 21.

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