Conference speaker to share how NHS Resolution can serve as a driver for change in diabetes footcare

A review of clinical negligence claims in diabetes and lower limb complications will be the subject of a speaker session at the upcoming EDFN National Conference.

Nicole Mottolini, Clinical Fellow at NHS Resolution, will discuss the findings from Diabetes and Lower Limb Complications – a thematic review of clinical negligence claims.

NHS Resolution undertake analysis of clinical and non-clinical negligence claims in order to identify themes in claims, extract and share learning, and promote the use of claims insights as a driver for change across the NHS.

A current topic of focus at NHS Resolution is the review of claims involving patients with diabetes and a lower limb complication. A thematic analysis of these claims have highlighted a number of themes and findings, with a key theme being that across multiple stages of the patient pathway, there was a lack of recognition as to the severity of the patient’s situation, and a lack of urgency in providing care.

Several factors, including language and terminology; peripheral neuropathy; and the lack of integrated, coordinated, multidisciplinary team input; all contributed to the recurrent pattern of missed severity. Several recommendations have been published alongside the report that aim to help reduce variation and ensure that all patients can receive a standard of care that is in line with current evidence and national guidance.

Nicole’s session will demonstrate how clinical negligence claims can be used to provide learning and support clinicians to help drive improvements in care.

Nicole, a podiatrist who has worked in both Australia and the United Kingdom in primary care, community and acute settings, also works as the Safety and Learning Lead for the Midlands and East region. In this role, she supports trusts to understand and utilise their own local claims data to further help drive improvements in care.

Register for the conference here.

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