Speaker session: The role of the pharmacist in the Multi-Disciplinary Foot Care Team

The impact pharmacists within limb salvage services can have on the holistic management of people accessing foot care services is one of the topics of the upcoming EDFN National Conference.

Consultant Pharmacist for Diabetes Hannah Beba will deliver the session, The Role of the Pharmacist in the Multi-Disciplinary Foot Care Team, as part of EDFN’s free, online conference on Friday, April 21.

Hannah, from the Leeds Office of the West Yorkshire ICB, said: “Patients attending the diabetes limb salvage service for appointments are often seen by several healthcare professionals.

“This specialist care is in addition to generalist care they receive in the primary care networks and GP surgeries.  Despite opportunities for medicines optimisation in these care settings, people are often not reaching target criteria, particularly around HbA1c, blood pressure and lipids, due to clinical inertia.

“This session looks to explore how having pharmacists embedded in limb salvage services builds on expertise and input and leads to timely, effective, holistic management of people within the foot care service.”

Hannah will explore how the role of the pharmacist has changed within the clinical team, what skills and expertise to expect from an advanced clinical pharmacist within a limb salvage service, and the benefits to patients.

She will also discuss the role of the pharmacist in the wider systems of care, including within the newly formed ICBs.

Hannah is Chair of the Diabetes Steering Group and Cardio-Renal-Metabolic Expert Working Group for Leeds. She is a member of the Committee of Healthcare Professionals at Diabetes UK and a member of the Primary Care Diabetes Society Committee.

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