Refurbished clinic named after well-known diabetic foot specialist

King’s College Hospital’s innovative diabetic foot clinic has been renamed after the doctor who first founded it as part of the hospital’s efforts to renovate the clinic.

Professor Michael Edmonds launched the clinic at King’s in 1981 by bringing together experts in diabetes, podiatry, vascular surgery, orthopaedics and radiology to offer a specialist care service in multidisciplinary diabetic foot, becoming the world’s first clinic to solely focus on this area of diabetes care.

Thousands of foot and leg amputations have been prevented because of the world-class centre set up by Professor Edmonds.

In the first two years of the clinic operating, the number of lower limb amputations amongst people with diabetes at the hospital reduced by 50 per cent, data showed.

The clinic soon went on to become the model of care for foot treatments across the globe after being recognised by the World Health Organisation and the International Diabetes Federation.

Clinical teams from around the world now visit the Consultant Diabetologist to learn how to improve their hospital services.

Professor Edmonds, who is also a committee member of the English Diabetes Footcare Network, said: “I am so overwhelmed for my name to be put to the clinic and I am so grateful to King’s for all the support over the 40 years. I’m grateful to my colleagues, they are so wonderful.”

Cases of lower limb amputations at King’s have persistently fallen since it was first established, with the clinic holding an amputation rate of 0.9 per cent, which is 0.7 per cent lower than the UK’s average rate. Each year, the clinic treats 9,000 people with a diabetic foot complication, figures have reported.

According to healthcare professionals, diabetic foot ulcers can be triggered due to several reasons, including bad blood circulation, friction and trauma.

Former England footballer and Honorary Vice President of Diabetes UK, Gary Mabbutt MBE officially opened the refurbished clinic by unveiling the new plaque which is dedicated to Professor Edmonds.

Having previously received treatment from Professor Edmonds, Gary Mabbutt said: “Mike is one of the most unassuming, modest and caring people I have ever met. There is an endless list of commendations and awards he has received throughout his distinguished career.”

He added: “The diabetic foot clinic at King’s is widely accepted as the ideal model of care throughout the world, which is something Mike has to take huge credit for putting in place.

“I sincerely hope that his incredible work at King’s can be replicated across the county to lower the 80 per cent of avoidable amputations in people living with diabetes.”

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