Call for abstracts for EDFN national conference

Organisers of the upcoming EDFN national conference have invited delegates to submit details of any unique foot-related research, new processes, audits or innovations their service has developed to be included in the event.

A call for abstracts has been made ahead of the online national conference on Friday, April 29, 2022.

All submissions will be considered and judged, with the top three being identified and recognised by the EDFN committee for a short presentation at the conference.

Abstracts will also be included in a special poster room at the online conference and will be featured on the website following the event.

EDFN Chair Richard Leigh said: “We’re looking for abstracts that demonstrate depth and resourcefulness and are evidenced with data, all with the overarching aim of improving lower limb services and outcomes for people with diabetes.”

The opportunity is open to all health care professionals with an interest in foot disease in people with diabetes.

There are themes to help you frame your submission, but these are only advisory:

  1. How have you used Peer Review in your organisation to improve service delivery?
  2. Following the Delivering a ‘Net Zero’ National Health Service report, what have you achieved in reducing your carbon footprint?
  3. What proactive steps has your organisation taken to mitigate the effects of the pandemic and kickstart the recovery from COVID-19?
  4. Outline any digital initiatives your organisation has developed over the last year.

The deadline for abstract submission is 5pm on Friday, April 1.

Submit an abstract

To submit an entry, please complete the form here.

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