Consultant Podiatrist praises ‘considerable’ improvements in career progression routes in latest EDFN podcast

A Consultant Podiatrist who specialises in inpatient care has discussed how local and national peer reviews helped to shape career pathways in the latest Talking Feet episode.

Joelle Baynham is the latest leading footcare expert to take part in the EDFN podcast series which puts some of the hot topics in the world of diabetic footcare under the spotlight.

Joelle, who is Consultant Podiatrist for Diabetes Inpatients at University Hospitals Dorset, talks about how her role developed after it came apparent that a daily ward service was required for inpatients with diabetes.

She said progression routes have changed ‘considerably’ in the last six years and highlighted the importance of having a clear career ladder within podiatry.

Joelle, who wanted to become a podiatrist from the age of 14, also examines why it is important for patients with diabetes and foot ulcers to have access to an inpatient multidisciplinary diabetes foot team, as well as the changes the pandemic has brought about.

Listen to Joelle’s podcast here.

Access the full Talking Feet series here.

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