Listen now: EDFN Peer Review the subject of latest podcast episode

The aims and potential impact of the EDFN Peer Review is the topic of discussion in the latest podcast episode.

The EDFN’s chair, Richard Leigh, talks about why they have launched the Peer Review and why it is so important that those who work in diabetic footcare have their say.

Richard, who is a Consultant Podiatrist at the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust, outlines how the Peer Review aims to identify common issues that can be addressed to improve England’s footcare services.

He looks in more detail at some of the questions posed in the Peer Review, including whether the respondent’s MDFT is fully NICE Compliant with NG19.

Richard also discusses the impact on a patient’s outcomes if staff are aware of how to seek urgent vascular opinion within 24 hours, and what can be done to help MDFTs meet current demand and demand in the next five years.

Listen to the latest episode of Talking Feet here.

Access the full podcast series here.

Complete the Peer Review here.

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