Webinar: Introduction to thermography and its clinical application in foot health

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A webinar taking place this month will introduce the innovative use of thermography in the management of foot health.

The event, on Wednesday, June 26, from 6.30pm to 7.15pm, is being hosted by Thermetrix, the team behind Podium, a thermography scanner that can be used by podiatrists for the monitoring of diabetic foot ulcers, the plantar foot and other foot health pathologies.

Podium uses thermal imaging technology to check for early signs of inflammation, monitor progress of pathology or current interventions, and compare the progress of different treatments.

Thermetrix’s webinar, which is free to attend, will provide delegates with:

  • An introduction to thermography: Discover the pivotal role thermography plays in the early detection and management of diabetic foot ulcers;
  • A live demonstration of the Podium in a clinical setting, illustrating its effectiveness and ease of use;
  • Scan interpretation: Learn through real case studies, including three diabetic foot scenarios and one gout case, enhancing your diagnostic skills and treatment strategies.

Find out how thermography and Podium can inform treatment pathways and improve patient compliance.

The webinar is being delivered by Thermetrix founder Dr Peter Plassmann and Business Development Consultant Gareth Hicks.

Register your interest in the here – once registered, you will receive the event link and additional details.

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