Conference speaker to cover how health inequalities are being tackled

The factors that lead to health inequalities and what is being done to address them is one of the topics being explored at the EDFN’s upcoming national conference.

Speaker Nure Alam, Specialist Podiatrist in Community Care Diabetes, will look at the issues facing different population groups in accessing healthcare services.

Nure, who also specialises in research, development and is an audit lead, will deliver the session ‘Health inequalities and access to services’ as part of the online conference on Friday, April 29.

He said: “Inequalities exist within the health and care system. We have seen these inequalities starkly during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Inequalities in health are due to highly complex connections between environmental, socioeconomic, genetic risk and social factors resulting in the development of ill health, including long-term conditions like type 2 diabetes. Deprivation increases the risk of complications and poor health outcomes.

“Black and South Asian people are over-represented in lower income, greater deprivation and lower education populations, which have been closely linked to prevalence of undiagnosed diabetes and preventable complications. Inequitable access can result in particular groups receiving less care relative to their needs, or more inappropriate or sub-optimal care than others, which often leads to poorer experiences, outcomes and health status.”

Nure will cover how NHS England has produced practical resources to help improve access for all and reduce inequalities in access.

He added: “Some strategies include policy approaches such as greater investment in services for deprived communities to reduce the impact of lifestyle-behavioural risks.”

Read more about the agenda here.

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