Apply to become an EDFN representative on FDUK Executive Committee

EDFN members have been invited to represent our network on the Foot in Diabetes UK (FDUK) Executive Committee.

Podiatrists can apply for the three positions available to represent both England and the EDFN in the national network, which provides a forum for sharing strategic and educational priorities across the four home nations.

Central to the functionality of FDUK is the Executive Committee which provides strategic governance and oversight to the work of the FDUK membership. It functions as a national advisory group in matters relating to diabetes related foot conditions. This will include, for example, influencing policy, workforce planning, career pathway routes, competency and capability frameworks and educational support.

In a letter, Joint Chairs of the FDUK Executive Committee Debbie Sharman and David A Wylie said: “During the COVID 19 pandemic, the way in which the organisation has carried out its business and delivered its objectives has changed significantly. Additionally, the demograph of the Executive Committee is likely to lead to significant leadership challenges over the next three to five years. There is a recognition that in order to achieve sustainability for the group, a period of consolidation and development is required by FDUK as a functional network.

“A transitional period of three years is proposed in order to facilitate succession planning, and revise the objectives, structure and function of the organisation into a sustainable, vibrant, visible entity. To this end the FDUK Executive Committee is looking to recruit a total of six additional podiatrists across the home nations during 2021, and an additional four podiatrists during 2022. Successful applicants will be invited to join the FDUK Executive Committee for a term of four years in order to provide opportunity for maximum contribution and personal development.”

Nomination process

Podiatrists suitable for nomination can complete the form below, including a 200-word statement indicating why they you like to be part of the FDUK Executive Committee. Please also upload your CV. The deadline is 6pm on Friday, June 18.

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