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A network of healthcare professionals dedicated to the improvement of diabetes footcare in England

The EDFN is a group of diabetes foot champions who established a network across England to improve outcomes for people with diabetes.

If you are involved in diabetes footcare, join our network and become part of a new community dedicated to improving care and reducing amputations.

Latest news

Community PAD assessment service launched in Rochdale

Patients in the Rochdale area who experience symptoms of peripheral arterial disease will benefit from a new community-based PAD assessment service designed to ...

Webinar aimed at reducing amputations now available to view online

The EDFN’s latest webinar, ‘Upskilling the healthcare workforce in lower limb assessment and treatment’, is now available to view online. The webinar, which fea...

Outcomes and healing of neuropathic foot ulcers in the elderly

A study which set out to evaluate neuropathic ulcers in the elderly has demonstrated that they can heal despite age-related skin changes if standard foot care i...

Advances towards the adoption of thermal foot imagery in diabetes care

Sponsored story Author: Antony N. Davies – Sustainable Environment Research Centre (SERC) at University of South Wales, UK and Thermetrix, Wales. It is well kno...

Latest study demonstrates sensitivity and accuracy of Neuropad

Delegates at an international diabetic neuropathy conference heard how a painless home test provides a valid and accurate check for diabetic autonomic neuropath...

The network is supported by the Royal College of Podiatry

The Talking Feet Podcast: the podcast of the EDFN

Latest podcast episode: The role of an Inpatient Advanced Podiatry Coordinator

The latest Talking Feet podcast episode is now available, where we chat to Jess Rees, a Diabetes Specialist Podiatrist and Inpatient Advanced Podiatry Coordinat...

Latest podcast: Foot-related studies at Leicester Diabetes Centre

Foot-related research being carried out at the Leicester Diabetes Centre is the focus of the latest Talking Feet podcast. The episode features Lesley Weaving, a...

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Our network is dedicated to improving footcare for people with diabetes through the provision of high-quality education for professionals.


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