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A network dedicated to the improvement of diabetes footcare in England

A group of interested diabetes foot champions (Paul Chadwick, Mike Edmonds, Alistair McInnes, Richard Leigh and Christian Pankhurst) developed a steering group to establish a network across England.

The first meeting of the English Diabetes Footcare Network was held in London at the College of Podiatry in March 2019.

There were representatives from nine of the 12 SCNs and other attendees included representatives from Foot in Diabetes UK, Association of British Clinical Diabetologists and academic institutions.

The hard work is just beginning, but the enthusiastic collaborative approach from all the participants augurs well for the future of care delivery in England and will hopefully impact on the sub-optimal outcomes for diabetes patients.

If you are involved in diabetes footcare, join our network and become part of a new community dedicated to improving care and reducing amputations.

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Latest news

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Telemedicine is ‘non-inferior’ to standard of care in reducing healing time in foot ulcer in diabetes

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The network is supported by the Royal College of Podiatry

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