Webinar on thermography and diabetic foot ulcers now available to view online

A webinar which examined the use of thermography to help identify diabetic foot ulcers early is now available to view online.

Those who missed the webinar last month have the opportunity to view the free event, which featured Mohan Cashyap and Dr Peter Plassmann discussing some of the hot topics around thermography and diabetic foot ulcers.

They looked at how temperature assessment can help podiatrists in the following areas:

  • Conditions that cause unusual hear, including infection and inflammation
  • Conditions that cause unusual cold, including circulatory problems and Raynaud’s
  • Conditions that cause unusual temperature patterns including Charcot and micro and macro-angiopathy
  • Monitoring of treatment and interventions, including orthotics, laser treatment and offloading

Use the details below to access the webinar:

Link to webinar recording

Passcode: z?Bm13Nx

More webinars interlaced with sales demonstrations are planned by the Podium team – watch this space for details.

To contact the sales team email sales@podium.care or call +44 (0)1443 303151.

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