Pay-per-scan now an option with Podium Thermal Foot Monitor

A portable thermography scanner that uses foot temperature to assess foot health is now available through a pay-per-scan option.

Podium Professional can be used to assess the risk of diabetic foot ulcer amongst other pathologies. According to research, regular thermal assessments of patients’ feet could reduce the number of people admitted to hospital with a foot complication by 52% and those going to A&E with a foot-related issue by 40%, while regular thermal foot monitoring could reduce diabetic foot ulcers by up to 75%.

Now podiatrists can get Podium in their clinics, paying a small fee each time they scan (£10) and charging patients a rate they decide on. The Podium team will even help advertise and sell scans to patients.

Those who opt for the pay-per-scan scheme will receive the same equipment, portal access and training as someone who has bought or leased a podium, but will not own their unit and can return it at the end of their contract term.

The scheme costs just £499 to join and after 12 months, podiatrists can choose to remain on it as long as they like. There is a monthly software and maintenance charge of £75.

Read more here.

Register here to find out more about this scheme.

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