Case study: Simultaneous reconstructive surgery and surgical off-loading reduces foot ulcer recurrence

Japanese medics have presented a case study involving a patient with diabetic foot ulcer who underwent reconstructive surgery and surgical off-loading simultaneously, reporting that the foot ulcer did not recur for two years following surgery.

Most foot ulcer patients, the majority of whom are elderly, have foot deformities, which restricts the opportunity for surgical off-loading following surgery.

The team from the Limb Salvage Center at Kasukabe Chuo General Hospital in Japan, treated a 70-year-old man with diabetic foot ulcer. He underwent surgical debridement followed by reconstruction surgery (stump plasty) simultaneous with surgical off-loading (metatarsal head resection). He used the off-loading device in the immediate postoperative period, followed by orthosis.

The team reported: “After 2 years, the foot ulcer had not recurred, and he was able to independently perform his daily activities. Simultaneous surgery (reconstructive surgery and surgical off-loading) is less likely to limit daily activities and can reduce the ulcer recurrence rate.”

To read the full report, click here.

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