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A network of healthcare professionals dedicated to the improvement of diabetes footcare in England

The EDFN is a group of diabetes foot champions who established a network across England to improve outcomes for people with diabetes.

If you are involved in diabetes footcare, join our network and become part of a new community dedicated to improving care and reducing amputations.

Date of EDFN’s first national conference is unveiled

The date of the very first English Diabetes Footcare Network (EFDN) National Conference has been announced. The online event will take place on Friday, May 21, ...

EDFN calls for foot data from first COVID-19 wave

Podiatry teams are being encouraged to submit data to see how the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the health of people with diabetes and inpatient ...

Referral tool published to help teams recognise foot problem warning signs

A series of recommendations to improve foot care and education, and to reduce the number of major amputations in people with diabetes have been put forward. The...

Foot disease cases surge as people fear hospitals during COVID-19

Healthcare professionals have reported a worrying surge in cases of people presenting with advanced foot disease at hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic. At l...

Network releases footcare clinical strategy for second wave

A clinical strategy for service management of footcare during the second wave of the COVID-19 Pandemic has been set out by the English Diabetes Footcare Network...

Footcare experts promote self-management in webinar

The importance of foot assessments and good self-management dominated a recent webinar held by the English Diabetes Footcare Network (EDFN) which is now freely ...

GIRFT report urges hospitals to introduce multi-disciplinary footcare services

Hospitals are being urged to introduce specialist multi-disciplinary footcare services (MDFS), in a bid to reduce ulceration and amputation rates.  The Diabetes...

Avoiding foot complications webinar set to take place  

People with diabetes and healthcare professionals have the opportunity to attend a webinar about avoiding diabetes-related foot complications. ‘How to avoid foo...

Network Chair encourages progress measurement among footcare teams

All diabetes wound care services must “self-benchmark” their work so they can measure progress, learn from outcomes and continuously look to improve care, the C...

The Talking Feet Podcast: the podcast of the EDFN
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