‘We want everyone to come to the party’ – EDFN Chair talks about taking a multi-disciplined approach in latest podcast

Growing the EDFN’s membership so that it includes everyone involved in limb salvage is one of the current aims of the network, its Chair has said.

Speaking in the latest episode of the EDFN’s Talking Feet series, Richard Leigh also spoke of the need to “understand data better” to provide feedback to relevant stakeholders and lobby groups.

Mr Leigh, Consultant Podiatrist at Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust, said one of driving forces behind setting up the network was to “become a repository for information and data gathering to inform strategy”.

He also covers the issue of the ‘slow pandemic’ – antibiotic resistance – podiatry’s aging workforce and the training opportunities being developed to provide more of a ‘ladder’ in the career structure. He also spoke of his desire for the lower limb to be treated as one organ to improve outcomes.

Mr Leigh chairs the Diabetes and At Risk Foot Expert Reference Group for London and the South East. He is clinical lead for NHSE (London) and co-chairs the London Foot Care Network and the Work-stream for NHSE (London) and is a Member of the London Clinical Senate Council.

Listen to his podcast here.

Access the Talking Feet series here.

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