Guildford health company to ‘walk around the world’ to raise money for Diabetes UK

Employees at a pioneering Guildford-based healthcare business are covering the distance it would take to walk around the world to raise funds for a leading diabetes charity.

GlucoRx – the UK’s largest supplier of innovative, cost-effective management solutions for people with diabetes – has announced that 30 of its employees will walk, run or swim 40,075km in 2023 in a bid to raise money for Diabetes UK.

As part of the challenge, members of staff including the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Finance Officer have signed up to complete four kilometres per day for a year.

Customer care associates, marketing managers and employees from a range of different departments are also all taking part in the fundraiser using fitness apps such as Strava to collate the distance they are travelling week by week.

Chris Chapman, Chief Operating Officer of GlucoRx, said: “We would like to raise as much money for Diabetes UK as we can as it will transform the lives of thousands of people.

“It would be great to hit the ground running in the first few months to take control of the challenge, putting us in a good position to succeed.”

He added: “Consistency is going to be key for this fundraising challenge as it is a lengthy one so to complete it in less than 365 days would be fantastic.

“Diabetes UK improves the lives of people living with diabetes, so we are on a mission to raise money for a life-changing charity that relies on funds from others.”

GlucoRx Limited is the NHS’ largest supplier of quality diabetic products. Founded in 2010, the company is committed to improving the lives of people with diabetes.

In addition, it offers significant savings on blood glucose meters and diabetes management solutions without compromising on quality and patient care.

In the past 10 years, GlucoRx has saved the NHS around £350 million by reaching out to Clincal Commissioning Groups across the UK.

To support the challenge, visit:

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