Meet the Speakers: What makes a holistic ‘threatened limb’ workforce?

Multidisciplinary working in diabetes foot care is another topic of this year’s EDFN National Conference on April 26th.

The session, ‘Who, What, Where and When – What does a holistic ‘threatened limb’ care workforce look like?’ will be delivered by Dr Chris Manu, Consultant Diabetologist at King’s College Hospital and Joanne Casey, Podiatrist and Professional Development Lead at the Royal College of Podiatry.

Delegates will hear more on the process of classifying a limb as threatened, and how people with diabetes may have many risk factors that can pose problematic to their health long before they develop a ‘threatened limb’.

The speakers will discuss how careful considerations must be made by all who are part of the patient pathway, from diagnosis to saving life and limb.

The session will include:

  • A discussion of the podiatric career continuum and its role in diabetes foot management
  • Raising awareness of the health and social care touchpoints for diabetes foot care multidisciplinary working
  • Identifying the importance in considering the biopsychosocial model for diabetes foot care.

Register here for the free online EDFN national conference. 

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