Recycling, solar panels and hybrid cars accelerate diabetes healthcare firm’s green ambitions

A Guildford-based diabetes healthcare company is leading the way in reducing its environmental impact by making “bold” changes to the way it operates.

GlucoRx, which supplies diabetes products including diabetic foot foam cream, has introduced a series of initiatives to put the company at the forefront of green enterprise in its industry.

The most recent saw its entire fleet of company cars replaced with either hybrid or fully electric vehicles, a substantial investment GlucoRx was determined to make to contribute towards efforts to reduce its carbon footprint.

In addition, the company has reduced the amount of packaging it uses for its products. The packaging for the Nexus blood glucose meter, for example, now uses around 50 per cent less packaging after GlucoRx worked with its manufacturer to remove excess inserts and plastic.

There is also a dedicated webpage on GlucoRx’s website which provides customers with information about which parts of a GlucoRx product can be recycled and how.

Priya Thakur, GlucoRx’s Medical Information Consultant, said: “There are challenges around recycling when you’re dealing with blood glucose-testing products as contamination is a big concern. However, it just means we are even more determined to ensure other relevant components and packaging can be recycled and that we make it as easy as possible for our customers.

“On this basis, we are mindful about which manufacturers we choose to work with and have worked closely with them to redesign packaging where we think improvements can be made. It’s something that is very important to our customers too.”

GlucoRx’s warehouse is now paperless thanks to a new electronic scanning system and other energy-saving measures have been introduced, including an instant hot water tap which has replaced traditional kettles.

The next major step will be the installation of solar panels at GlucoRx headquarters in Guildford.

Chris Chapman, GlucoRx’s Chief Operating Officer, said: “We are significantly transforming the way we work after looking at all aspects of our operations. We want these changes to be bold and have a long-lasting impact, so we are following through on our commitments.

“We all have a part to play in looking after our environment for future generations and as a company it is our responsibility to take the lead when it comes to game-changing green initiatives.”

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