Diabetes UK is recruiting new members for research steering groups

A national diabetes charity is appealing for “highly motivated” healthcare professionals working in the sector to join one of its diabetes research steering groups.

Diabetes UK is looking for diabetes professionals and researchers to join one of its seven research steering groups.

The diabetes research steering groups include:

  • Cause of diabetes
  • Type 1 diabetes treatments and prevention
  • Type 2 diabetes treatments and prevention
  • Acute care
  • Living with diabetes long-term
  • Complications
  • Children and young people with diabetes

The groups bring together healthcare professionals, researchers and people living with diabetes to pinpoint precisely where further research needs to happen to improve the lives of those living with the condition.

Steven Parks, Research Officer for Diabetes Research Steering Groups (DRSGs) at Diabetes UK, said: “The groups provide a great opportunity to influence research through effective collaboration.

“Researchers, healthcare professionals and people affected by diabetes are all involved in identifying priority areas of unmet clinical or research need and stimulating research in those areas to make the greatest possible difference to people living with diabetes.”

He added: “We are really excited about the impact of these groups and look forward to involving more passionate healthcare professionals in what we do.”

Successful applicants must commit to the role for a minimum of three years and contribute towards numerous research studies regarding diabetes care.

The application deadline is Sunday, October 23, 2022.

To apply, click here to fill in the application form and send it to DRSGs@diabetes.org.uk, along with a copy of your CV.

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